Our ranges

Challenger is a leading French brand in motorhome manufacturing, offering a wide range of low profiles, A-classes, overcabs and vans.

Fourgon Camping-car 2023

The Vans

Modular & All-Purpose
The van is easy to use: it is compact and modular without compromising on comfort.
Exterieur Van Sunset Edition
Van Sport Edition
fourgon aménagé challenger Start Edition
Série X intérieur

The X

The agility of a van and the comfort of a motorhome
The best of both worlds ! Until now, you had to choose between a van and a motorhome: Challenger has created an intermediate category which combines the best of both worlds.
intérieur profilé S Etape edition

The Slow Profiles

The Jack of all Trades
This narrow low profile is light and economical. It provides the structure and insulation of a low profile with similar dimensions to a van.
exterieur Profilé S
intérieur du camping-car profilé 240

The Low profiles

Spacious & comfortable
The most commonly used type of motorhome in Europe: several layouts are available.
Profilé Peugeot 384 Etape Edition
camping-car Profilé Graphite ultimate Challenger 2023
intérieur d'un camping-car intégral

The A-class

The driver’s cab is “integrated” within the rest of the motorhome. The vehicle as a whole offers a great living space and panoramic views from the driver’s seat.
For the first time in its history, Challenger is offering 2 A-Class as a special edition including a model with a design which is unique on the market. A fully equipped series offering design, functionality and sophistication, all at the best price.
extérieur d'un camping-car intégral