A quarter-century dedicated exclusively to camper innovation and extended availability

Among all the TRIGANO campers featured today, CHALLENGER is the only brand that was actually created by TRIGANO; all the others were obtained through acquisitions.


Brand launch

The CHALLENGER brand was officially presented to a professional audience at the Pavillon Dauphine in Paris (France) on FEBRUARY 25, 1985.

In addition to the trade press, many dealers, who were for the most part from the GRUAU network (GRUAU manufactures campers at Laval in the Mayenne department), were in attendance. They discovered two overcabs: the CHALLENGER 340 and the CHALLENGER 350.


A FIRST GENERATION that is easily recognizable because of its cream/orange/brown colors and reference models, including the CHALLENGER 280, 340 and 350 overcabs and the CHALLENGER 400 low profile.


SECOND GENERATION in white and orange with a polyester back face, including the CHALLENGER 370 and 450 and the CHALLENGER 200 and 400 low profiles.

With the 200SX, CHALLENGER invents the layout that will revolutionize the camper market: a low profile camper less than six meters long, a forerunner of the vehicle for two with dining area and permanent bed.


CHALLENGER decides to prefer functionality (water, refrigerator, etc.) to excess and search for the proper balance between equipment and price.


A revolution on the French market: The CHALLENGER 410 at 217,900 French francs (about €33,000) incarnates this new approach.


CHALLENGER offers a new camper for less than 180,000 French francs (approximately €27,500) and opens the camper market to a larger audience with the tagline:

“The camper is a privilege reserved for everyone”


After the entry-level overcab, CHALLENGER INVENTS a new market segment, the LOW PROFILE WITH BASIC EQUIPMENT. This is the birth of the 100 series, starting with the legendary CHALLENGER 102

It was a catalog best-seller for many years, and over 3000 of these campers are on the road today. Still very much appreciated, the CHALLENGER 102 has become a reference on the market for second-hand campers.

SEP. 1998

LAUNCH of the “EDEN” line, once again at the Pavillon Dauphine (Paris):Its double-layered polyester roof and original design soon made it a popular low profile reference in Europe.

It received an award from the Observatoire du Design in 2002.


A compact low profile family camper: a CHALLENGER groundbreaker. Presentation of the CHALLENGER 103, a low profile less than 6 m long, with basic equipment, bunk beds in the rear and a roof bed in front. The CHALLENGER 105 followed; this was a version with a permanent bed in the rear in addition to the roof bed.


Constantly working toward increased camper quality and durability, TRIGANO VDL obtains ISO 9001 quality certification.

Continued company efforts have enabled maintaining this prestigious label and ensuring CHALLENGER customers the quality they have a right to expect.


The New GENESIS Line: back to a favorite. CHALLENGER reinvents the basic equipment camper and offers two spring models: the GENESIS 43 overcab and the GENESIS 36 low profile.

They sold out in two weeks. Today, the full GENESIS line is a real favorite of camping car fans


MAGEO PRIUM: a revolutionary layout

This is how the European press described the vehicle.

The MAGEO PRIUM is the first low profile compact (5.99 m) to offer a central kitchen along with an electrically controlled double bed and an immense bathroom.

As a result of its success throughout Europe, PRIUM became a full line in 2010.


PRIUM, a low-profile camper with a central kitchen, is officially recognized as a major innovation in the European recreational vehicle world and receives the prestigious European Design Award at the DUSSELDORF show in Germany, bestowed by a jury representing 12 European magazines.


Launch of the GENESIS 30, a compact low-profile camper (5.99 meters) which sets a new record for interior spaciousness with a comfortable living room, large refrigerator with freezer, ample bathroom with separate shower and electric two-position roof bed.
Mounted on a FORD carrier, the GENESIS 30 has become one of the brand’s best sellers thanks to an unbeatable equipment/price ratio.


Positioning itself as a true generalist, CHALLENGER previews an INTEGRAL camper in France with a central bed in the rear: this is the SIRIUS 3018.
In addition to a beautiful design and generous equipment, SIRIUS is available at a highly competitive price; in the following year, it becomes a line featuring three models (central bed, twin beds or garage, depending on the model).


CHALLENGER reinvents the “French-style” bed by proposing a low-profile camper layout with a roof bed, unique on the market. This is the MAGEO 149: in less than seven meters, there is a comfortable independent shower, a spacious living area and a very practical L-shaped kitchen with a large, latest-generation refrigerator.

In the spring of 2013, this highly appreciated layout will be offered as a limited series with the prestigious name of “GRAPHITE EDITION.”


Spring 2014: CHALLENGER unveiled the limited edition “GRAPHITE” 290, a completely new model on the market. The 290 model offers both a large lounge, a large bathroom with separate shower, a wardrobe that is unheard of in a motorhome of this size and a multi-purpose storage compartment which can contain a scooter or electric bicycles, all in less than 6.70 m. A few months later the 610 joined the 2015 collection and was the top seller in Europe.


CHALLENGER was the first manufacturer to offer a choice of model (Fiat or Ford) for all its low profiles.

The new FORD chassis has become a proper alternative to the FIAT model, regardless of the level of the range.


A new manufacturing process, IRP, was introduced to provide our motorhomes with improved insulation, more resistance and greater protection: By offering some of the thickest roofs and floors in the business, CHALLENGER found an original way to prove its sturdiness by placing a car on the roof of one of the low profiles in the range. This was carried out under fair conditions and certified by a bailiff who was present when the video was shot.


Two more unique and soon-to-be iconic low profiles on the market:

  • The 291 can immediately be recognised thanks to its 4 doors: 2 doors in the cab + 2 doors in the body! Inside there are 4 car seats, a large lounge in a U shape at the rear and 2 electric fold-down beds (4 sleeping spaces): The following year, the model was expanded and became the 391 Cruise Edition.
  • The 270 is the only motorhome with 2 twin beds… that are fold-down! Originally based on the 290, this design allows for an amazing living area covering under 7 metres: It quickly went on to be a best seller, especially in northern Europe.


he 290 continued to inspire our engineers, and 2 new models were designed, both of which were just as innovative and were a novelty on the market:

  • The 260 is the older brother of the 290 with a large face-to-face lounge and the 1st 160cm-wide fold-down bed! This model is the only one in the history of the brand to have met with unanimous approval across Europe: It was the best seller from the South to the North, winning multiple awards across Europe.
  • The 396 keeps the lounge, the wardrobe and the garage of the 290 while also providing a space for children at the rear with two foldable overlapping bunks! The 396 is a great family low profile, and that year it won the prestigious European Innovation Award


The invention of EASYBOX, a new design for greater storage space: on the outside, it makes it possible to adjust the garage higher to store a scooter or bikes. On the inside it provides multiple storage spaces of around 50L each of which is easily accessible. Having already been tested in France in spring 2018 as part of the family compact Quartz 274, this design was expanded across Europe with the unveiling of the 2019 collection.

CHALLENGER has also made the automatic gearbox more accessible by launching a special GRAPHITE EDITION with this equipment as standard: It met with immediate success across Europe, as in addition to the price, the automatic gearbox offered extraordinary driving comfort in motorhomes.


2020 : Challenger innovated further with the release of the 338: the only motorhome combining all the advantages of a master bedroom (bed + bathroom + storage) in only 6m². Find out more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJiDNm9EbvU


On 21 January 2021, Challenger started with a bang with the release of a vehicle combining the best parts of motorhomes and vans: the X150. This level of interior comfort and array of features have never been seen in such a compact, stylish vehicle. Challenger has made it possible. Find out more at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5X0Iv7CNCJ0

Constant innovation

During the past quarter-century, CHALLENGER has also proposed an LPG carrier, double flooring, a low profile with a fold-away bed and an integral.


During your vacation, you’ll be certain to cross the path one of the 45,000 vehicles that have built the CHALLENGER reputation.


With this exceptional background and one of the most modern production units in Europe, CHALLENGER joins camper fans and company dealers throughout Europe in looking toward the future with confidence, enthusiasm and passion.


Although CHALLENGER is happy to see that its dream of campers for all has come true (just take a look at the number of campers on the road, new and used campers for sale and campers to rent), the company knows that it’s possible to go even further in bringing everyone a maximum of camper enjoyment “à la française”…